NEW! Musical Theatre Scholarship Offered for Spring 2018

Art House Astoria is proud to announce the launch of the Laureen Cardona Musical Theatre Scholarship!

Named in honor of the mother of our current Musical Theatre teacher, Steven Cardona, the scholarship is for any student 6 to 12 years old with an interest in theatrical arts, who lives in a single-parent/single-guardian household.

Growing up in Florida, Steven was drawn to the performing arts as a child, and although his mom had a lot on her plate as a single parent, she always made sure that Steven could go to his theatre classes. We’re hoping that with the addition of this brand new scholarship, Art House Astoria can help make that dream a little easier for a local family.

The scholarship will cover the tuition for the Spring Musical Theatre 101 Class, an introductory class that teaches kids the basics of theatre like the parts of a theatre, stage directions, and the roles of the people who work in the theatre. Additionally the youngsters in this class play theatre games and participate in the Spring musical at Art House Astoria as part of the kids’ ensemble, learning song, scenes, and choreography.

Musical Theater classes are a great way to build confidence in a youngster. Art House often hears from parents that their children are showing more ease getting up in front of their classes. And it’s a great way to meet new friends in the neighborhood!

For more information and details on how to apply for the scholarship, please email Art House at to share why you are interested in the scholarship. We will follow up with an application. Classes will begin in mid-to-late April and run through mid-June 2018.