Annie Kids! Huge Hit at Art House in April 2018!

Art House Astoria spent many busy weeks preparing for our very own production of Annie Kids, directed by Musical Theatre teacher, Steven Cardona, with Music Direction by Gregory Good.

The Art House Astoria Musical Theatre Performance classes put on four sold-out shows shows over the nights of Friday, April 13, and Saturday, April 14! Audiences were able to admire the talent and discipline that our musical theater students so effortlessly embody, as well as the costumes, props and designs that parents and staff worked hard to create. Parents shed tears from the back of the room, and audience members laughed at our charming performers. With a total of 18 students and over 50 costumes and props, Annie Kids is by far the largest production to ever reach the Art House stage!

We admire all of the hard work that our staff, students, parents, and friends contributed to help us achieve a successful performance. The execution of this production is the perfect example of what Art House Astoria stands for: community, determination, talent, and fun! We truly could not have done it without the help of every single person involved. Please follow our website to register for upcoming classes and projects. Thank you to all of our families for your dedication to Art House Astoria, and we hope that our new visitors will join us in maintaining lives filled with music and art for the children of our community.

–Sophia¬†Luna, Music Intern, Bayside High School